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Age 19 (Actually 190)
Birthdate November 28
Height 5'4
Weight 125
Gender Female
Species Bat Demon or Vampire
Occupation Princess of the West
Previous Occupation(s) Leader of the Bat Demons

Inu no Taisho (Adoptive Father)

InuKimi (Adoptive Mother)

Izayoi (Adoptive Mother)

Sesshoumaru (Adoptive Older Brother)

Inuyasha (Adoptive Older Brother)


Artemis Scythe

Who she is? Edit

Amber is the female leader of the bat demons as well as the only adopted daughter of Inu No Taisho and his two mates. Younger sister to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha.

Personality Edit

She is kind but strong woman as well as demon. Has good relationships with her adoptive family members as well as a strong leadership for the bat demons.

History Edit

She was the only born child to the previous leader of the bat demon tribe. At age five, her mother and father died protecting her and the tribe from Ryokotsei. Since then, she was named leader as a young child. She met the Great dog demon as a young woman and he took her in as his daughter.

Despite that she is a woman she is a pure blood bat demon and can face anyone in combat.She is on good terms with the humans and is teaching her tribe how to live in peace with humans and other demons. Some say she is the perfect example of a demon woman and has earned the title Princess of the West.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Artemis Scythe- its both a rod and scythe weapon only the bat demon leader bloodline can use. It can pierce any demon or aura. As well protect Amber from harm by a barrier. This weapon was created by the very first Bat demon who was Amber's ancestor. Only Amber has the ability to use it.

Bat Wings- Amber's wings allow her to fly across great distances at a very fast speed.

Bat form- she can turn into a full bat

Venom-when bitten, Amber's venom acts as a poison

Enhanced hearing- As a bat demon, Amber can hear the same things bats can. This hearing helps her especially near an enemy.

Nocturnal Vision- This allows Amber to see in the dark

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