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He is the God of War and Bloodshed.

Ares, God of War and Bloodshed
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'11 feet
Gender Male
Species Diety
Partners Eris (Sister), Aphrodite (Occasional Lover)
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation God of War and Bloodshed
Previous Occupation(s) None

Zeus (Father), Hera (Mother), Eris (Sister), Hephastus (Brother)



Appearence Edit

He has pale skin with scars all over his body, grey hair, and devilish eyes that peer through the soul.

He wears a black cape with a hood with purple outlines, a pair of black/purple gauntlets that go to his shoulders, a grey/purple sash, and black belted pants and black shoes.

He wields a giant axe that is terrifying to look at.

Personality Edit

He is usually silent, rather would have his actions speak instead of words.

He is aggressive, cruel, ravenous, wrathful, and destructive. He is easily angered, and will accept a challenge when it surfaces, when he takes that challenge, he will not stop until he has won.

He loves war, and loves to kill. He is very lustful, easily swayed by the words of a female that he finds attractive.

He is a hated rival of the goddess Athena.

History Edit

He is the son of Zeus and Hera, along with Eris, Hebe, and Eileithyia. He and his sister, Eris, were close, in a matter of speaking. They both loved the passion of war, both loved to cause discord, and both had a mutual attraction to eachother.

His rivalry with Athena started when he was suppose to help the Achaeans, but by the words of Aphrodite, he helped the Trojans. He would have one, if not for the help of Athena, who told Diomedes, to thrust his spear at Ares, with Athena blessing it. Ares' roar shook the world, causing him to go back to Olympus.

For a while, Aphrodite and Ares were secretly lovers, behind the back of the smithery god, Hephaestus. Helios found the two in private embrace and told Hephaestus.

Hephaestus set up a net that would catch them in the act. When the trap was sprung, it trapped the two in poses. Hephaestus invited all the gods to see. Only the male gods attended, as the females did not care. They all mocked the two of how stupid they looked. Ares, when released, raced to Thrace in embarresment, vowing revenge on both Hephaestus and Helios.

Powers & Abilities Edit


Deimos, Lord of Dread

Great Fighting Skills: His fighting skills are something to fear, he fights better than a Spartan, he even taught them all that he knew.

God's Strength: He is able to lift a blue whale with his hands without breaking a sweat.

Control over Deimos, Lord of Dread: He can control a monster made of metal that faithfully serves his father, Ares.

Enhanced Strength: He is able to break his fist into five feet of diamond.

Snake-like Agility: He is able to move quickly due to his snake-like body.

Heat Vision: He is able to see through heat.

Control over Phobos, Lord of Fear: He can control a monster that faithfully serves his father, Ares.

Enhanced Strength: He is able to break his fist into ten feet of diamond.

Horrible Stench: His smell can cause people to lose their footing.

Relations to Ares Edit