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She is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Virginity, The Forests and Hills. She is the Lady of the Moon.

Goddess of the Hunt and Virginity
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'1 feet
Gender Female
Species Diety
Partners Apollo (Twin Brother)
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Previous Occupation(s) Goddess of the Hunt and the Forest

Zeus (Father), Leto (Mother), Apollo (Twin Brother)



Appearence Edit

She has brown hair, blue eyes, and a stern face.

She wears a grey loincloth, grey straps, and brown leather sandals and bracers.

She wields a silver bow.

Personality Edit

She is like her brother in many ways, except she is easily offended, she does not like anyone claim they are a better hunter than her.

She gets annoyed easily by the antics of her servant, Pan, as he often does things she finds annoying.

History Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Eagle's Eyes: She is able to enhance her vision to see better through things and pinpoint weaknesses.

Speed of the Hind: She is able to move at speeds greater than a car at it's maximum.

Immense Strength: She is able to lift heavy objects, about the size of a boulder.

Imortallity: She is able to heal from wounds via energy and cannot die from age, lack of water, and lack of food.

Bow of Artemis Edit

Her bow was made from the teeth of Cronus, giving it powerful abilities.

Unlimited Arrows: It is able to shoot unlimited amount of arrows from the quiver to the bow.

Never Missing Arrows: Whatever it was originally pointing to, it will hit it no matter what.