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She is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, Strategy, Industry, Justice, Skill.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'3 feet
Gender Female
Species Diety
Partners Ares (Rival)
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Goddess of Wisdom and War
Previous Occupation(s) None

Zeus (Father), Metis (Mother), Ares (Half-Brother)



Appearence Edit

She has purple hair, purple eyes, and wears black lipstick.

She wears a white bra, a white skirt, two golden rings on her arm and leg, and she carries a golden staff.

She is usually seen with a kind yet apathetic face.

Personality Edit

She is kind, reserved, and calm. She always thinks before she makes a move.

She believes that humans would be lost without the gods, and thinks that the divine law must be followed.

She was known to help heroes from ancient Greece.

She chooses not to have a consort, as she wishes to make her own decisions and not abied by any mate's law.

She loves her father Zeus very much, and listens to his words.

History Edit

She was born of the union of Zeus and the titaness Metis. Zeus was afraid that like his father, a child will over throw him, due to a legend that Metis' second child will overthrow him.

When Athena was born, Zeus trapped Metis in a deep dungeon to never be released.

The smith-god, Hephaestus, fancied Athena, but she could care less for the deformed god. In rage of hearing this, he attempted to rape Athena. Athena escaped before he could ejaculate, prompting it to land on the earth, creating the snake child, Erichthonius, whom she adopted as her son.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Unmatched Wisdom: She is incredibly wise, knowing everything around the world.

Psyonic Powers: She is able to read other's thoughts that are not dieties, move things with her mind, and push things back with psyonic blasts.

Immortality: She cannot die by anything not caused by a sword, but she is able to heal for a limited amount.