The Baku (獏, Dream Eater) is the loyal and quite large Spirit whom is under Haruda's control. It is a gigantic chimera composed of an elephants head and body, tiger paws and a snake for a tail. It has the ability to alter its size and devour the dreams and nightmares that it chooses. It generally serves as Nikui's main form of transportation.

Abilities Edit

  • Dream/Nightmare Devouring- A standard Baku ability in which the Baku will aim at the target with its trunk. Sucking in at full force, it will rip the dream or nighmare from the targeted person(s) subconcious. He has shown to enter other beings mind and see all of their thoughts. This ability allows Haruda to enter others minds as well.
  • Size Changing- When summoned, the Baku is at the size of an adult bear capable for Haruda to sit atop and ride. It has shown to be quite strong at this size and even take powerful hits as well. On a simple whim, the Baku can grow to the size of a mountain. This gives him incredible strenght but also hinders his speed. When enraged, the Baku has shown to quickly expand to this size and crush those he is angry at.
  • Energy Displacement- His one powerful offensive attack in which the Baku will gather a black ball of staticing energy at his trunk. With a heavy breath and the signal from Haruda, he will fire it in a concentrated blast into the enemy.
  • Summonining- At Haruda's command, the Baku can move through space from anywhere in the world. Normally at his home high atop the mountains he rests and teleports to Haruda's side whens summoned. The Baku is summoned normally from a small iron whistle that Haruda'a carries.

Trivia Edit

  • The Baku is a myhtical Japanese creature that has the ability to devour dreams and nightmares.
  • This Baku was inspired by the Baku that appeared in the hit series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.