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They are no longer our brothers and sisters. They are to be rejected by our number. We, the Shozoku no Urufu cannot accept the Fallen Eleven


The Cado Undecim are a group of Shozoku no Urufu who defected to pursue their own desires. Each of them are skilled fighters who've mastered a single Shozoku no Urufu Kinjutsu to the max. They were originally started by Urufukiba, the younger brother of Urufutsume.


There are only 11 Cado at one time, and their strength is organized by 11 being the weakest, and 1 the strongest. It is rumored that one of them has incredible potential that surpasses all the others.

There is a strange system for pairings for this group. The higher numbers are the Sanctus Quinque. They are the 5 Dominant members of the Cado Undicim. The lower numbers are known as the Redactum Quinque. They are like the lieutenants to the Sanctus Quinque. They are paired by something called the Ratio of Quinque or the System of Fives. In this, a member in the Sanctus Quinque are paired with a Redactum Quinque whose number is 5 plus the their own number. So for example, Mizu Kuraihi (#1) is paired with Atrox Ululatus (#6).

Sanctus Quinque

Redactum Quinque

Permaneo of Undecim