Another Symbiote/Human hybrid formerly known as Cletus Kasady, a mentally insane serial killer and the "son" of Venom.

"I've never had demon before. I wonder what you TASTE LIKE!"


(Cletus Kasady)

Height Varies
Weight Varies
Gender Male
Species Human/Symbiote hybrid
Partners Venom
Affiliation Symbiotes
Occupation Psychopath
Previous Occupation(s) Serial Killer

Venom ("father")

Phage ("grandson")

Toxin ("grandson")

Agony ("daughter")

Lasher ("son")

Scream ("daughter")



Appearance Edit

Cletus Kasady Edit

As Kasady, he had red hair and brown eyes.

Carnage Edit

Carnage is red and black with white patches for eyes and many tentacles writhing around his body. He has black, sharp teeth.

Abilities Edit

Carnage, due to being a single entity, is able to shift his body into multiple forms. He is also immune to Spider Sense just like his brethren.

Personality Edit

Even before he became Carnage, Kasady was still just as insane and unhinged as he is now.

Quotes Edit

  • "The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the waterspout; Down came the Carnage who tore it inside out..."

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