Well hello! Welcome to my tutorial of creating an OC. OC means own character, so feel free to create him/her anyway you want. Let's start.


So, first thing first, you need a backstory for your character. Was he/she in a car accident? Did their parents die? Note the OCs don't have to be modern. Once you have a decent idea of your background you can move on.

Name and PersonaEdit

Well, now that you have an idea of the background, its time to learn about the art of names. Names express the type of person one is. Would you name a shy and almost helpless OC Yuuki if Yuuki means courage? Maybe, its your choice. It all depends on their background and what you want to happen in the future.

Persona also helps alot in the name factor and the looks. Personality-wise what does he/she do or feel? Those quiet and reserved girls might be called Mayonaka, meaning midnight. (That's my favorite name.) Those positive and upbeat boys may be called Hikari, which means light. (Another one of my favorites.)

Looks and AbilitiesEdit

Wow we are on our second to last step. Looks. As I mentioned earlier, one has to use their name and persona to interpret their looks. A girl named Midnight is least likely to be upbeat and all happy. If one is named Yuuki, you may them wear warrior or battle-like clothing with swords or weapons.

As far as abilities, my only caution to you, don't make your character too powerful, or have too many abilities. Try to balance it out. If he/she has many abilities, balance it out. Like for example, if my OC can control all elements, than I will make her have a weak spot, maybe she's weak against water or a secret element.

Last Step: Your StoryEdit

Sadly, we are on our last step. As an OC creator, I have experience in making storylines for them as well. You cannot have a person who is simply frozen in time. Create a story for your character. Get creative, fight dragons, be the leader of wolves. Your choice. Create your OWN story.

I guess this is it. The end of my tutorial. Thanks for listening and be sure to comment the link to your OC. I want to see how creative you are! Xx

Mikaela.Hyakuga (talk) 03:39, January 9, 2016 (UTC)mikaela.hyakuga

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