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Fox Demon Warrior-Maru's Younger Brother

Nihongo 大輔丸
Romaji Daimaru
Meaning Great Perfection
Biographical Information
Age Unknown

18 (appearance)

Status Alive
Occupation Warrior in Lord Inari's Army
Physical Information
Species Kitsune daihanyo
Gender Male
Height 184 cm (6'0")
Weight 78 kg
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Silver
Skin Color Tan
Unnamed Hanyo (Mother)
Inari (Father)
[Maru]] (Elder Half Sister)
Ginmaru (Younger Half Brother)
Daimaru (大輔丸, "Great Perfection") is Maru's younger half brother. He is a warrior in his father's, Inari, army. He is the son of Inari's second wife and is at least three hundred years younger than Maru.

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