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Demens Cattus
Hellsing4 17
Age 122 years
Height 5'5"
Weight 174 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Cado Undecim
Previous Affiliation Shozoku no Urufu


Background Edit

He lived his life in the slums of a large city, barely managing to salvage scraps of food to survive. His mother had abandoned him and married a rich noble, deepening his feeling of loneliness. Eventually, Mizu Kuraihi and Dementis Shredder, who was accompanying him at this point in time, offered him a spot in the Cado Undecim.

Appearance Edit

He has short, blonde hair and violet-red eyes. He also has black cat ears and a blonde cat tail. As for clothes, he wears a green-yellow tunic with black, studded shoulder pads and shorts. He also wears small black Gentleman's shoes with high black socks that come up to his knees.

Personality Edit

During his hardship-filled youth, he was shy and fearful of everyone around him, having been beaten regularly for stealing scraps of food. After joining Cado Undecim, however, he has changed to cheerful, playful, and mischeivous. He constantly attempts to prank the other members, minus Dementis, whom he looks up to and regards as an older brother and teacher. He seems to also look up to Eternus Sapientia to a degree, though not nearly as much as he does with Dementis. He is friends with Mirage Lepus greatly, due to their similarity in playfulness.

Abilities Edit

Constituo Ingenero: (Static Generation) This is the name given to Demens' ability to use the static energy he builds up when he runs as a weapon. His pants are made with a special cloth that builds up unimaginable static electricity which is then directed to Demens' gloves which are made of the same cloth. The material that the shoes and gloves contain the energy so he can't shock anyone accidentally. However, he has to forcefully thrust the energy outward with his own energies, which is taxing on his stamina, but quite effective.

Cattus Oculus Inritus (Cat's Eye Void) This is Demens' skill of hypnotism. It's a weak form where he can catch someone in a trance if they stare into his eyes for 12 seconds. This ability only works on the weak of mind, so another member of Cado Undecim won't be trapped in its spell.