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Dementis Shredder
Dementis Shredder
Age 189 years
Height 5'9"
Weight 116 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Cado Undecim
Previous Affiliation Shozoku no Urufu


Background Edit

Appearence Edit

His garb is unlike anything found in the Feudal Era. He wears an olive-colored jacket, black slacks, and steel-toed army boots he made out of a demon lion he killed. He claims that the energy that surrounds them enhance his jumping ability, but the change is so minor, that his enemies and allies think he is simply trying to impress them.


At first glance, he seems calm and laid-back. But this side hides his true sadistic personality. He takes great enjoyment in killing, lashes out at even the slightest provocation, and believes himself to be the strongest in Cado Undecim. Due to this, he often takes charge of many things going on, and usually jumps into a situation without thinking. Despite this, he does have the abilities to back up his actions.


Claws Edit

These iron claws can slice through virtually any metal known to demon and man kind. In combination with his quick speed, he can appear as a simple flicker of light accompanied by a gust of invisible slicing-death.

Acrobatics Edit

He is extremely versatile and athletic, able climb up buildings using his claws and abnormal jumping ability. It goes beyond what any Urufu, even Hikaru, has been able to achieve in their normal state.