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He is the Greek God of Wine, Theatre, Grapes, Ritual Madness, and Ecstacy.

Greek God of Wine and Ecstacy
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'1 feet
Gender Male
Species Diety
Partners Many Maenads
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation God of Wine and Ecstacy

Zeus (Father), Semele (Mother)




He has brown messy hair, dizzy eyes, a wide grin, and a skinny physique. His face looks feminine, with no facial hair and looks innocent except for the wide grin and the drunk eyes.

He wears a black linen skirt, with red robes and golden ringlets on his arms. He also has a crown of grape leaves. He holds bottles of wine all the time.


He is a drunk, yet a powerful drunk. He likes to talk with people, and loves to speak to them as equals, just to bring them down in the end.

He is very convincing, able to look into ones heart and seduce them to his side.

He never stands, whenever he is not sitting, he dances.

He likes to have sexual intercourse with anyone he wishes, even his own sons.


He was born to Zeus and a woman named Semele. Knowing Hera, being the jealous wife she is, she tricked Semele into not believing Zeus was a god. Semele started to interrogate Zeus and tell him to show the full extent of his powers. Zues tried to talk her out of it, as the full extent could kill any mortals in a hundred mile radius, but she did not let down. He revealed his full power, killing Semele.

Zues then grabbed the fetus and tied it to his palm. After nine months, he released the child from his palm and gave birth to Dionysus. Zeus knew Hera would not rest until the child was killed, so he hid the child in the Underworld, were Hades and Persephone raised him. The underworld nymphs also raised him, becoming his many concorts.

When he was eighteen, he was allowed to return to Mount Olympus.