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Yue sits on a cliff, he awaits his older brother arrival, this day was preordained, the day they must fight.

"Its been awhile, My Brother." Yue says not turning around but sensing his demonic aura.

Seisatsuyodatsu smirks at Yue. "I guess this day couldnt be avoided, but you know there is another." he says as he draws his demonic sword. Yue stands up and vanishes with his super speed. "Surge Claw!" he slams his claw into his brothers blade.

"Impressive but my lightning powers are light years beyond yours." Seisatsuyodatsu says flinging him off his sword.

The two fight and it ends in Seisatsuyodatsu's victory.

"I was the Hitokiri Battōsai and closed my eyes to the light, so that all i saw was the darkness ahead of me, But now that my hands are soaked in innocents blood, i must walk this path and open my eyes once again to the light. this is my choice, Little Brother." Seisatsuyodatsu says as he walks away leaving his brother alive to fight another day.

The Village of AetherEdit

"Lord Seisatsuyodatsu!" a young girl yells hugging Satsu as he enters the Village of Aether.

"Ririn, hey." he says rubbing her head and walking to the Dragon Kings Shrine.

"Father, the destined battle has happened, I defeated Yue" Seisatsu says.

"This wasnt the destined battle, the battle between You, Yue, and My third Son is the battle that has been preordained" the spirit of the Ryu no Taishō says to his eldest son.

"But where is this other? ive searched for him" Seisatsu asks.

"He will come in time, you just wait for that day." Ryu no Taishō says as his statue goes silent. Seisatsu sits in this throne and ponders on this Revelation, the third son of the Dragon Lord was still out there, still getting stronger.

Forest Of AetherEdit

As Yue sits under a tree the Shikon Jewel Shard begins to heal his injuries. "Dammit, I lost AGAIN!!!" he screams striking the tree. "Why, why cant I win? Im the one with fathers blade, Shirohasu the Blade crafted from fathers fangs and heart."