Hey, I heard that someone needed help on creating a fan fiction. Here's some tips.


Well, the first thing a reader looks for is an interesting title. If the title is boring like Kagome dates InuYasha, shippers might read it, but if one has a title of InuKag! Is it Heartbreak? That might draw a reader in more. It all depends on opinions.


Make sure to always have an interesting plot. Don't make the storyline smooth and easy. The main character needs some obstacles to go through. But not to many obstacles, like every week the main couple breaks up then makes up. It becomes predictable and very very boring. Put in some minor climaxes like the cliché robber or kidnapping scene, or maybe a betrayal of trust. Don't use a climax more than twice.

Major ClimaxEdit

This happens toward the end of the story. In the end of the story, there is always a part that makes a reader want to read more, or hold their breath. Make sure it's interesting and give hidden hints about the outcome.


The ending is usually soft and happy, but to make a story original or interesting, make the story ending sad, like one of the main protagonists dying or a scene before the protagonist dies and end it right there.

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