This page is dedicated to documenting the arcs of the stories on this fanfiction wiki. In order to keep all stories uniform and in line with others (in essence, creating our own canon), please list your arcs here in the order in which they occur. An admin has the right to change the order of the arcs if they do not match up. An arc is a group of stories that have a mini-plot goal which contributes to the major plot goal. Do not make a new arc for only one or two stories. An arc needs to contain at least five stories to be considered legitimate (however, you can add stories to the arcs listed here over time, so do not think you cannot post an arc here if all the stories aren't yet created). In the same right, if you place an arc on here that contests this wiki's canon, it will be automatically labeled as filler here.

Fanfiction arcs Edit

Unnamed First arc Edit

This arc has not been yet named, but it will be shortly. It is the first arc so no arc may come before it.

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