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Maru's Youngest Brother

Nihongo 銀丸
Romaji Ginmaru
Meaning Silver Perfection
Biographical Information
Age Unknown

17 (appearance)

Status Alive
Occupation Warrior in Lord Inari's Army
Physical Information
Species Kitsune daihanyo
Gender Male
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Weight 73 kg
Eye Color Blue and Gold

(Blue right eye and Gold left eye)

Hair Color Silver
Skin Color Fair
Unnamed Hanyo (Mother)
Inari (Father)
Maru (Elder Half Sister)
Daimaru (Elder Half Brother)
Ginmaru is Maru's younger half brother and Daimaru's half brother and the Lord of the Northern Lands's third child. He is a warrior in Inari's army. He is believed to be one hundred years younger than Daimaru. He also possesses a characteristic that Maru and Daimaru do not which is he has nine tails instead of one.

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