Grüber of Swabia is a knight of the Teutonic Order who is sent on a holy mission to hunt down demons and half-demons alike. Grüber being endorsed by his Catholic faith he sees all demons as "enemies of pure man and God,". His aggressive nature and his religious zeal makes Grüber a fierce warrior on a field of battle.

Early Life and knighthood

Hailed from Swabia of Bavaria, Grüber was orphaned at the age of 16 when his family was brutally devoured by demons while traveling on a merchantile road to Prussia. He was rescued by the German crusader order called the Teutonic Knights. Although upon rescued his harsh resentment of demons became his exact motivation why he wished to be enlisted and punish the wicked in the name of God. By the he joined, Grüber wasn't a full knight yet he still provided some assignments as a brother sergeant under the leadership of Johan, his fellow knight and father figure. After two years of training under Johan, the elder knight have stricken down with a fever following from an unknown poisonous substance from an arrow wound fired by a few bandits. He arranged a ceremony at a local church and he ranked Grüber as a full knight before succumbing to his illness. Upon becoming a knight Grüber takes many tasks which he takes them serious through fierce force.

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