Hanzo (半蔵, To seal one's place) is a Demon Slayer who forms a friend-enemy relationship with Haruda. He serves as the main Tracker of the Jinnō Shōtōki and is incharge of locating and containing Zokunen Jewel Shards along with recruiting new allies to the Jinnō Shōtōki.

To seal one's place
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Weight 117 lb
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Demon Slayer;Jinnō Shōtōki
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Jinnō Shōtōki

Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Older Brother (Deceased)



Appearance Edit

Hanzo is a tall young man with short white hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue samurai like uniform, consisting of a loose blue hakama and a dark blue hyori. On his hips, two metal plates sit on his outfit. He has a light blue obi that flows casually in the wind. He carries his jian at all times.

Personality Edit

Harsh but caring, Hanzo has a deep hatred for demons. During his childhood, his family was full of skilled Demon Slayers and had a great track record. One day, they were killed by a demon beyond their power. Hanzo witnessed his brother and father killed and massacred before him. He grew cold that day but kept his normal attitude. Upon meeting Hakuda he greatly disliked him at first and said that he would oneday kill him. Despite being good friends and rivals with Hakuda, he still states that he will oneday kill him.

Abilities Edit

Master Swordsman- His sword skills are above average as he is seen killing multiple demons with one jian, which is his signature blade. He created his own style called Susanoo which involves surpassing the target's own skills and sneaking in powerful strikes. It focuses on "dominance".

  • Aoshio (lit. Blue Tide)- Hanzo will jump at the target and side swipe them with his jian. By focusing all his power he can cut clean through a demons neck.
  • Mugoi Go (lit. Brutal Gouge)- Hanzo will jump at the target from above and ram his jian into them, doing great damage.

Sesshu (lit. Intake)- A special demon ability taken in by most Demon Slayers. It is a powerful ability that lets the user drain energy from a certain target. He has shown to use this ability to create portals with sqaure borders that can give the user to travel long distances. It can also be used as an Infinite Storage area.

Skilled Demon Slayer- The art of killing demons runs through his veins. He has an amazing track record, surpassing his entire family. He gained the title of Hanzo of the Quick Death (Hayai Shikyo no Hanzo).

Skilled Demon Tracker- He is a skilled tracker and can located a Demon from over a 50 mile radius. He understands the signs of a Demon attack and can even figure out the weight, height, gender, and power of the demon by inspeciting an area.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first person to ever form a close friendship with Hakuda, creating a strong bond between the two.
    • Despite the fact that they want to kill each other...