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Hasaki Muramasa is a Human who somehow fell into Fuedal Japan. There he allied with Maiden Nikui, Haruda and Tadao Toshiaki. He suffered from Multiple Sclerosis until its effects wore off when he went back in time.

Hasaki Muramasa
The Wild Swordsman
Name Hasaki Muramsa
Kanji 刃先 村正
Birthdate April 11th
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 5'8"
Weight 111 lbs
Blood type O positive
Occupation Demon Slayer
Family Younger sister (Unknown)
Powers and Gear
Trump Techniques Demon Form
Weapons Shinken

Appearance Edit

Hasaki is a tall man with long baige colored hair. He wears a white dress shirt and black pants with an opened baige shirt that hangs off his shoulders. He carries a red sheath on his waist with a dragon like pattern going up it. The sheath is used to carry his signature shinken blade. He has shown to always carry a small reed in his mouth. He is skinny and pale due to a disease he suffers from known as MS.

Personality Edit

An overall angry person, Hasaki has a dark past which he is ashamed of. After spending 18 years in current time, he unknowningly entered a Sesshu that lead to Fuedal Japan. When first getting there a Demon approached and took him over. He killed thounsands of other demons and became a feared man throughout the Demon world. Oneday a young maiden approached him and killed the demon that possessed him. He became ever loyal to her and joined the group she invited him into. After meeting his future allies he grew happier and felt at peace, although he still fears the dark power within him.

Abilities Edit

Vast Knowledge- Going through 18 years of school, Hasaki was in his second year of college at an early age. He was a prestigous student who had the highest marks. He strived to be a scientist and to cure Multiple sclerosis, a disease he suffered from.

Weapon Specialist- He is a skilled swordsman, being able to take out many powerful demons in a few strikes. During his time possessed by a Demon, his swordsman skills increased and when the demon was killed all knowledge gained stuck. He wields a posssessed shinken that has enhanced properties.

Skilled Fighter- As with the sword skills, the Demon was a skilled hand to hand fighter being able to take on multiple targets at once and win with just his fists. He pefers a sword when in combat however. During his childhood, despite his fate with MS his father had him in karate at a young age. He later on developed a UFC fighting style which goes beyond his years.

Demonic Aura- When in a fit of rage, he reveals a large blue demon aura that can burn at the touch. Rooting from his former possession, it seems this aura holds back his MS. The problem is that if he goes back to the real world, the aura dims greatly and the MS will take a larger toll on his body than normal.

Trivia Edit

  • His name comes from The Edge of the Blade (Hansaki) while Muramasa is a legendary sword in Japanese legend.