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He is the God of Commerce, Thieves, Travelers, Sports, and Border Crossing.

God of Thieves and Travelers
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'10 feet
Gender Male
Species Diety
Partners None
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation God of Thieves and Travelers
Previous Occupation(s) None

Zeus (Father), Maia (Mother), Pan (Son)



Appearence Edit

He has golden hair and golden eyes, light skin and an ever present smile.

He wears a white/gold tunic, black shorts, and golden sandals with wings on them. He also has golden bracelets and a golden sash on him.

He has two golden wings that help him fly.

Personality Edit

He likes to laugh, and he is known to make fun of those in his way.

He likes to steal things, not for want, but to see the reactions.

He has been known to help people in dire situations.

He is known to outrun his opponents, tiring them out before defeating them.

History Edit

Born from Zeus and Maia, a daughter of the Titan Atlas, he was delivered in the mountain of Cyllene.

He was given the title of Messenger of the Gods when he reached 18.

He is the father of the rustic goat-god, Pan.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Flight: He is able to fly with his sandals at incredible speeds.

Wind Currents: He is able to create wind currents so strong that they could tip over a fishing boat when he flies.

Immortality: He cannot die from age, and cannot die of lack of food and water, he can die if given wounds, but can heal, but it takes energy from him.