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"Man..... You know what I hate the most? When bad yokai like you pick on innocent women, but I guess it's a good thing as well. I can show off and be a hero!"
— Hideaki to a Yokai while saving a lady

Hideaki Kanzen
Hideaki profile
Age 17
Birthdate 25th October
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Partners Setsuna Terumi
Affiliation Kishin
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Himself, Kishin and Setsuna
Previous Team Unknown
Occupation Bodyguard to Setsuna

Yokai Hunter

Previous Occupation(s) Unknown




Hideaki Kanzen (完全英明 Kanzen Hideaki) is a travelling companion to the Yokai Kishin, as well as the Bodyguard to the priestess Setsuna Terumi. He is known throughout some places as the One Eyed Lion, referring to his eyepatch, as well as his fighting style. He was found ten years ago by Kishin, who had adopted and trained both Hideaki and Setsuna, who then became travelling companions and dear friends. He is known to wield a powerful blade named Shikyo, which is supposedly a family heirloom.


Hideaki Kanzen

Hideaki's full appearance




Powers and AbilitiesEdit




Behind the ScenesEdit

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