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Hikaru Kuraihi
This is Hikaru in his Shozoku no Urufu form.
Age 22
Height 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight 186 lb
Gender Male
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation N/A



This is Hikaru in his teacher disguise

Hikaru is the prince of the of the Shozoku no Urufu. His parents are both from the Feudal Era and he was born then, but Hikaru is only 22. He was sent to 1990 to live a normal life. He currently has a job as an Ancient History Teacher.

Appearence Edit

He looks like a typical schoolteacher in his human form, wearing a suit to the school, but he has been often seen wearing jeans and a buttoned shirt on Fridays. He has blue hair and brown eyes in his human form, but both of these turn to red in his Shozoku no Urufu form.

Personality Edit

Hikaru is an easygoing type of person. He usually lets his students off easy if they are late, often helping them avoid getting into trouble. He also is a comical type of person, often inserting jokes in his speech without realizing it. He often refers to Seireitou as "Grayhairs-kohai", as his constant joke to him.

In battle, he is ruthless in his attacks, leaving no room for leniency. Though he does often joke in battles to make his opponents think he is weak.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Shozoku no Urufu Powers Edit

Kagirinaigan Edit

Kamisori Tsume Edit

Mikon Angou Edit

Also known as the Wild Code, this is actually Hikaru's codename of the book he always carries with him. It tells him about the things he wants to know in the Feudal Era. It only seems to work for the Feudal Era timeline though.

Other Powers Edit

Nentou Densou: (Mind Communication) This is the name given to Hikaru's ability to speak to a person with his thoughts.

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