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Hogoshi (保護者 Protector) is the name of Kishin's legendary scarf. It is a highly valuable and powerful weapon in combat and attire, and is said to be able to purchase over 10 mansions in the Edo Period. He had gained his scarf back when he was a child, but hadn't completely mastered it till he met Hideaki and Setsuna. It has immense destructive and defensive properties, effortlessly blocking against all but the strongest of attacks.


The most beautiful scarf in history, Hogosha is a near transparent scarf, that takes the appearance of malleable glass, as remarked by many. It is known to be rather long, easily being twice the size of Kishin in height, as well as very thin, in terms of the fabric itself, which is another part of it's beauty. The scarf itself has unique and ornate golden patterns which are imbedded into the entirety of the scarf itself. Because of it's beauty, it is also known as the Unstained Destroyer.


  • Ice Manipulation: Aside from the immense power the scarf provides, it also allows Hogosha to effortlessly freeze the surrounding water in the air or in large quantities such as lakes, and manipulate it as shields or even spears and swords. This allows him to even create solid replica's of himself, albeit that don't move.
  • Water Manipulation: As well as the former ability, Hogosha allows Kishin to manipulate water molecules, and create mist as well as boil the temperature of water, and manipulate it's shape to it's full extent. This provides great versatility in battle, allowing him to create a 'bubble' of water around him to reduce impact of attacks.
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