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Hohei Kangohei is the Healer and Top Medical Officer of the Jinnō Shōtōki as well as one of the youngest members.


Hohei Kangohei
Full Name Hohei Kangohei
Age Believed 18-19
Blood type O positive
Gender Unknown
Species Believed Human
Occupation Healer; Medical Officer
Aliases The Medic (Often called this by people who don't know his/her name)
Affilitations: Jinnō Shōtōki
Family Unknown

Appearance Edit

Hohei has long brown hair and blue eyes. Hohei wears a baggy blue shirt with white fingerless gloves and metal shoulder plates with long brown pants. Over this Hohei wears a hooded white cloak with no sleeves and a long trimmings. Hanging from Hohei's waist is a long blue belt that wraps three times around the waist and still touches the floor.

Personality Edit

Quiet and calm, Hohei never speaks a word. People have stated that Hohei's eyes speak for himself. He is wise and never panics and has shown to have care greatly for his allies. He has shown to put others ahead of himself, when he once administered large amounts of Morphine into himself as some believed it wasn't safe. Proving it was safe he healed Hanzo and later went into a coma.

Abilities Edit

Skilled Healer- Hohei has shown to have amazing healing skills, being able to flux his own energy throughout his hand and heal almost anything. He is profficient in all types of medical and has even performed major surgery on a few other members. He has one known medical ability

  • Chiyu Hirate (lit. Healing Palm)- By gathering a rare unknown energy around his palms, they will gain a rare green or red aura that heals most wounds ranging from cuts, scrapes and bruises too broken arms and ribs.

Sesshu- A skilled Sesshu user, Hohei has used this ability to drain the energy away from others to heal his allies. He is also tasked often with opening the portals back to the Factory.

Barrier Creation- He has shown to create the barrier that surronds the Factory, usually activating it on The Maiden's order. He has also created barriers when healing his allies in a time of battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Hohei's gender is unknown, but its is presumed to be Male.
  • Translated his name means Infantry (Hohei) and Medic (Kangohei).