Walking down a narrow dirt road, Kasumi Hyoujou steadily moved along, seeming almost lost. He took a loose end of his green camo scarf and tossed it once more around himself.

Seisatsu sits on a tree on this path, and sees Kasumi; he smirks and closes his eyes.

As Kasumi walks, he spots the man alongside the tree and simply continues to walk.

Seisatsu growls with a low tone as he charges his Lightning Claw attack. "Lightning Claw!" he says lunging after the man. "Your on my land human"

Quickly reacting to the claw of surging lighting headed at him, Kasumi unsheathed the blade on his back. "Wanyūdō" Kasumi called spinning in place, creating a wave of fire that blocked the path of Seisatsu.

Seisatsu slashes thru the fire and throws his Lightning Whip at Kasumi's sword, sending 100,000 Volts thru it shocking the hell out of Kasumi. "Like i said human your on MY land"

As the voltage of electricity shocked Kasumi, his body shattered into pieces. Walking down the road as he did before Kasumi smirked behind his scarf.

Seisatsu teleports infront of Kasumi and glares at this strange human. "So your an illusionist? well tricks like that only work on me once."

Grasping the katana on his back, Kasumi unsheathed it with blinding speed and quickly appeared behind Seisatsu. He held the katana to Seisatsu's neck and spoke lightly "Let me pass and I won't kill you".

Seisatsu smirks and you hear electricity crackling on his body. "Lightning Current!" he says under his breath as the energy surges outwards from all directions and hit Kasumi, stunning him. "You come onto MY land and order me to let YOU pass, you must want to die."

Kasumi quickly tugged at the handle of Ameōnna and with all his might jutted it forward. From it a thick grey liquid dripped off and created a torrent of smoke, covering both him and Seisatsu.

Seisatsu teleports above this cloud of smoke, while airborne he draws his blade. "Tenjouki!" he says sending a large white spiraling energy wave at the smoke cloud and more so at kasumi. "This should blow it away"