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  • Welcome to Inuyasha Fanfiction! In this Wikia, we allow anyone to express their love of the Inuyasha series by coming up with their own fanfiction or fanon. That includes Characters, Weapons, and other things... —Welcome Page
  • Before starting any form of fanfiction or fanon, make sure to catch up on current story arcs going on as to not create confusion.

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February 9th, 2010
Seireitou, Head Admin of Inuyasha FanFiction Wikia, extends his greetings to members new and old. Let's work hard to make this site one of the best.

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Seireitou Kawahiru

Seireitou Kawahiru (川昼の精霊頭, Kawahiru Seireitō), feared throughout the land by his full title as "Silver-haired Seireitou, Warlord of the Northern Lands", is a powerful yōkai and the adoptive son of the Great Dog Demon. Similar to his step-siblings, Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru, he wields the third sword of their father's fang, the Sō'unga. However, unbeknownst to the two dog demons, Seireitou had forged his own blade with the help of Totosai using his own fang; thus forging the mighty Tennōseiga.