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The Izanami (伊弉冉尊, She who invites) is a large set of prayer beads that allow Nara to channel her yoki through and perform skilled exorcisms as well as sealing techniques. It is made up of 102 jade beads. She has shown to wrap Izanami around her right arm when not in use.

Abilities Edit

  • Yoki Manipulation- The beads have a unique ability to channel and manipulate yoki through the 102 beads. When wrapped around a target, their abiliy to manipulate yoki through any means is extremly weakened and their attacks become weaker. With Izanami, Nara can reverse the flow of yoki directed at her as well.
  • Sealing Techniques- By wrapping the beads around the targeted person(s), the yoki will seal the demon inside one of the beads. If all 102 beads are housing a demon, Nara must exorcise the demons, in the proccess killing them. She has only shown to seal weaker demons and can only seal the yoki of more powerful ones.
  • Shikon Purification- She has shown to channel her Yoki through Izanami to purify a coruupted Shikon Jewel Shard, similar to the one found in Hosenki.

Trivia Edit

  • Izanami was said to be crafted by the Japanese Goddess of whom the beads are named after, wether this is true or not is unknown.
  • The reason why their are only 102 beads is unknown, but it is believed that it took 102 souls to craft them.