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Jin Higurashi
Age 17
Birthdate March 1995
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Partners Jennifer
Affiliation F.B.I.
Previous Affiliation Field Officer
Team Leader of team Jin
Previous Team Inuyasha's team
Occupation Martial Arts
Previous Occupation(s) Racing

Jennifer Higurashi sister Jun Higurashi mother Paul Roberts father



Jin Higruashi is the cousin of both Sota and Kagome and is the brother of Jennifer Higurashi.

Bio Edit

Jin moved in with his aunt Mama Higurashi since the tragic loss of his parents, Jin and Jennifer are the last two of Mama's side of the family. Jennifer is the only one with an english name in the Higurashi family.

First time in the Feudal eraEdit

Jin's first time in the feudal era is when he jumps inside the well and climbs out to see demons swamring around his cusion and Inuyasha as if he would help Inuyasha he saves Kagome's life since he has some what memories of her and after he puts her down he turns around to see the demon that chased him and shots it with his 9mm