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The Jinnō Shōtōki (lit. Chronicles of the Authentic Lineages of the Divine Emperors) is a Group of powerful Yokai, Humans, Shamans, Demons, etc who banded together to stop the combining of the Zokunen Jewel Shards.
Rank Name Species
Leader Maiden Nikui Unknown; Believed Deity
Tracker Hanzo Human
Top Warrior Haruda Dragon/Human
Shaman/Monk Unknown Unknown
Healer Hohei Kangohei Presumed Human
Long Range Specialist Lei Human
Weapon Specialist Shuiro Shikikan Human
Guard Tadao Toshiaki Human
Close Range Specialist Hasaki Muramasa Human/Oni
Covert Ops Ooyuki Demon

History Edit

Created years before the start of Naraku's terror, the Jinnō Shōtōki was founded by a powerful man who's entire nature is unknown. He called together the best fighters, scientist, trackers and swordsman together and founded the Jinnō Shōtōki. He took on the name of Lord, which would follow for all Male leaders while the title of Maiden would go for female leaders. Going through 17 generations of the Jinnō Shōtōki, the current leader Maiden Nikui is the youngest to date. The organization has many secrets that even the leaders know nothing about...

Location Edit

Located in an unknown part of Fuedal Japan, accesible only through a Sesshu portal that leads to a sandy oasis. The main base is a large factory. It is made of dozens of buildings with cylindrical bodies and cone roof's. Towards the top, there are multiple protruding walkways, where members can get fresh air. Above the factory three orbs float, two blue and one red. These orbs create a large clear barrier around the entire factory, making access limited to the members. How the barrier works is unknown.


The Factory's barrier being set

Goals Edit

All had bad encounters against Demons and were gathered under an unknown leader who offered them a chance at redemption. Most due it for revenge, while some have deeper goals. They travel in groups of two and rid the world of powerful demons. To succeed in their plan they must gather support, money, and power.

Trivia Edit

  • They are similar to the Akatsuki from the series Naruto, as their goals rival in a way.
  • All of the members have a reason for fighting, all in which will be revealed later.