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Kaine Skylar
Kaine Skylar
Age 17
Birthdate May 15 2011
Height 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight 110 lb
Gender Male
Species Human
Partners Leia
Affiliation Demon Slayer
Previous Affiliation Priest
Team Nadeshiko Masayume


Previous Team Chloe Malone
Occupation Cado Undecim
Previous Occupation(s) Shozoku no Urufu

Nadeshiko Masayume (Sister)



"Don't Worry as long as my sister has that curse mark she will be fine"
— Kaine, refering to his sister's curse mark

Kaine Skylar is Nadeshiko's older brother. Kaine is Nadeshiko's One and Only Big Brother


He was killed by a demon posing to be a castle's lord during one of the Demon Slayers' missions and was made to kill every Demon Slayer that was there. He is later revived by Naraku as a human puppet and has a Jewel of Four Souls shard embedded in his back to keep him alive and under the control of Naraku without memory of what he had done. But recently, Kaine has somehow got his memory back and still takes orders from Naraku to get to Naraku's heart. Kaine, at first before being slain, was inexperienced with his weapon, a Kusarigama (a sharp sickle on a chain). He then becomes a rather advanced wielder with the power of the Shikon Jewel shard.

After Kagura dies, he hopes that he can find redemption for himself by traveling with Chloe, and remains by her side until she tells him he must leave her to keep his shard pure. Saved from Byakuya by the timely arrival of Sesshomaru, Kaine forms a friendship with Rin and helps to protect her. Kaine's jewel shard was removed but suprisingly, he did not die or wither away. This was due to Chloe's light releasing the jewel shard and remaining in Kaine's body, as explained by Kagome.

Kaine goes with Leia and a new demon-slaying weapon which Totosai made for him, so he leaves and becomes a demon slayer that helps people. When Totosai asks him if he will visit his sister Nadeshiko, he replies that he will not, since the house is getting too crowded.