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Kaname Rose
Age 17
Birthdate Jun 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Team Inuyasha, Shippō, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Kagome




Kaname is Calamity (Luna)'s boyfriend from Kagome's era.

Appearance Edit

Kaname is a tall young man. He has black, messy, wavy hair that is tipped with a maroon red color. He has red eyes with a hint of purple. Kaname wears black and red collars on his neck. His clothing usually consists of red and black color combinations.

Personality Edit

He is somewhat reserved, and mysterious. He tends to keep his secrets and some emotion to himself. His father and mother and sister were murdered by someone who was never caught, people blamed him for murdering them. which caused Kaname to become outcasted by everyone, and made it hard for him to make friends.


He doesn't reveal his past, but when his girlfriend was pushed into the well. He goes after her only to see she was taken away by a gay guy.

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Kaname appears in chapter one in the fanfiction of Dark Paths which is being edited.

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