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Kintaro Tsukihoshi
Kintaro in his normal form
Name Kintaro Tsukihoshi
Kanji 突き星金太郎
Romanji Tsukihoshi Kintarou
Race Kitsune yokai
Age over 800 years (appears to be in his 30's)
Gender Male
Occupation Wandering yokai
Sword(s) Kyoseiga (formerly)
Family members Kagehime (lover)
Gingichi Tsukihoshi (son)
Adoptive family members Kamiko Tsukihoshi (adoptive mother)
Keiko Tsukihoshi (adoptive sister)

Kintaro Tsukihoshi (突き星金太郎, Tsukihoshi Kintarou) is the enigmatic father of Gingichi Tsukihoshi. He was adopted to the Tsukihoshi clan after being found from a forest as an infant by his adoptive mother Kamiko. In the clan he gained great respect with his exceptional feats of skill and power. In the end, however, he fell in love with Kagehime, the princess of an opposing kitsune clan. During this love affair, Kagehime came pregnant with Kintaro's son, and Kintaro decided to leave the Tsukihoshi family he knew he had offended with his forbidden love - but not before leaving his adoptive sister a final message to give to his son, along with his sword, the Kyoseiga (巨精牙, Great Spirit Fang). This sword was found from the forest right next to him.

Currently Kintaro's location is unknown; Gingichi tries to track him down after learning of Kintaro's past.


Kintaro is a full-fledged adult kitsune yokai, which means he has nine tails. Kintaro, however, was know to like to keep most of his tails hidden, commonly only showing one of them. His hair is golden in color and very long. He shares many traits of appearance with his son, such as his long hair, braids, slender body, whisker-like marks on his cheeks and the same smile. He also has the same rare blue eye color that his son.

When he was still in the Tsukihoshi clan, he was most often seen wearing intricately decorated clan-typical clothes, sewn together from high-quality materials, indicating his rather high rank in the family.


Kintaro's personality, as described by Keiko, was positive and light like his son's; Kintaro, however, was a lot more calm and quiet than Gingichi. According to Keiko, Kintaro's true power was to light up the mood of those around him; to her Kintaro's departure was a painful event. Before leaving Kintaro stated that it hurts him too to leave the family he had learned to love and his newborn son.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Not much is known about Kintaro's abilities, other that he was held in high regard in the Tsukihoshi family because of his skill and power. Gingichi was said to have inherited much of Kintaro's ability.

Kintaro true form

A drawing of Kintaro's true form, based on the descriptions of eyewitnesses.

True form: According to Keiko, Kintaro's true kitsune form was a rare and beautiful sight; such are the grace and power that Kintaro displayed in his true form, that it has became almost a legend inside the Tsukihoshi clan. It is even said that his true form can never be forgotten once seen.


  • Kintaro's and Gingichi's names mirror their hair colors: Kin means gold and gin silver in Japanese.
  • "Kintaro" literally means "golden boy".