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"That man... what is he? Is he truly a demon, that smile, that mercy..... How is this possible? His demonic aura is so massive and his power is much greater than an ordinary Youkai, yet his gentle nature is so humanlike? Why?"
— An enemy commenting on Kishin's personality

Age 23 (Appearance)

Over 100 (Actual)

Birthdate 9th July
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Youkai
Partners None
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team None
Previous Team None
Occupation Wandering Youkai
Previous Occupation(s) Assassin




Kishin (貴信 Kishin) is a wandering Youkai who is known by the world as the Gentle Destroyer because of his personality and powerful abilities. He was once known to be part of a noble Yokai family, which nearly rivalled Sesshomaru's family in power, however, because of a massacre by his uncle, he was forced to leave his home. He soon met a young priestess as well as a young human warrior and decided to travel alongside them. He is known to wield the legendary veil, which is called the Hogosha, as well as being known to have mastered demonic seals throughout his lifetime.


Mitsuo Full

Kishin's full appearance

Human Form

Kishin is most commonly seen in his elegant, and almost noble appearance in his humane form. In this form, he has silver hair, tainted with a touch of lavender, which is rather short and messy, with few locks dropping near his eyes. He also has rather pale skin, a lean but rather muscular build and brown eyes. His most common attire is a purple and ornated long-sleeved chinese top, with the sleeves being white, except for the top of both sleeves which have an unusual circular seal as well as the bottom having a cloud like maroon pattern. With this, he wears some moderately baggy maroon pants, as the top goes down to his knees and usually travels in a pair of japanese sandals with tabi. He also has a pair of rather long and decorated earrings which have a ruby sphere in the top-cente, as well as three groups of red threds hanging down from them. The last, and most unique feature of him is his seal on his head, which takes the form of a tattoo which has three distinct points which all point to the bottom of his forehead.

True Form

His true form remains similar to his human form, except he has glowing red eyes, as well as having a fierce demonic aura surrounding him, which can intimidate even the most powerful. His Yokai Marks on his face become moe visible, and the tattoo expands across the entirety of his forehead.

Little Boy Form

Like Sesshomaru and his mother and father, who can transform into another form, Kishin unlike them, doesn't transform into a large dog-demon, but rather a small boy. In this form, his eyes are usually closed and he has a smile on his face. His attire changes considerably, now wearing a shikahusho, with black hakama, japanese sandals, an obi to tie them up and tabi to wear with his sandals.
Kishin child form

Kishin in child form




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