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Kokoro ( ココロ lit. "Heart" ) Is the group of rounin lead by Minkai Zokatakei.

Purpose and intentionsEdit

While Kokoro is a large group composed mostly of rebel rounin and samurai, it can double as a sort of orphanage, taking in lost children and training them to be warriors. Though merciless and malicious, the group can care sinserely fo its younger members. This is epecialy shown with Minkai caring personaly for Kimi Rosuto , Kenai Kazemitsu , and even his younger sibling, Ren Zokatakei.

Kokoro has no real intention as a group, but to prove themselves as the world's strongest rebel force. Kokoro also despises change, and will rebel and attack when major changes are made to society or the way of living.

Important MembersEdit