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Mickycha Keke sanban
Mickycha Keke sanban

Romaji Mickycha
Meaning China
Biographical Information
Age 25 (appearance)

27 (chronologically)

Status Fighting
Occupation Traveling Swordsman


Physical Information
Species Kitsune hanyo
Gender Female
Height 152 cm (5'0")
Weight 47 kg (104 Ibs)
Eye color Ice Blue

Black (human form)

Gold (when angered)

Red (when demon blood takes over)

Hair color Silver

Black (human form)

Skin color Fair

Inuyasha higurashi (father)
Kagome higurashi (mother)
Nickycha Kiki sanban (sister)
Kirara (pet)
Ayame Uzumaki (niece)
Akira uzumaki (niece)
daisuke uzumaki (nephew)
Sesshōmaru ( uncle)

Team None
Loyalty Inu no Taisho
Previous Alliliation
Team Sesshomaru


Loyalty Sesshomaru,itaci uchiha (lover)
Skills Information
Abilities Flight, Superhuman olfactory senses, Superhuman strength
Weapons Sō’unga, Banryu, Jakotsutō, Shintamashi, Denryoku no Tama, Poison Claws

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