Mirage Lepus
Anime girl black hair
Age 159 years
Height 5'8"
Weight 110 lbs
Gender Female
Species Shozoku no Urufu
Affiliation Cado Undecim
Previous Affiliation Shozoku no Urufu


Background Edit

Mirage is an orphaned girl from an Urufu village in the plains. As a young girl, Mirage was always chasing or playing with rabbits that lived in the fields near her home. She gained a strange ability to communicate with the rabbits. She and the rabbits were quite close friends. She also developed a relationship with a spirit that protected the plains. Unfortunatly, when she was just turning 11 by Urufu standards, her village was attacked by humans who felt that their existance was being threatened by the prescence of the Urufu's in the area. Mirage saw the slaughter of her family, and the deaths of many of the rabbits that the humans ate. Her power exploded in a burst of rage, leveling the area. She then was recrited by Mizu Kuraihi after she spent a decade wandering around.

Appearence Edit

Mirage wore light colored dresses as a young girl, but she wears black dresses to mirror her sadness of losing her family and friends. She has magenta eyes, dark hair, and she has rabbit ears instead of normal ears. This is due to her interaction with the spirit of the plains.

Personality Edit

Mirage is a very happy person despite her hardship of losing her family. She has found friends in the Cado Undecim. Even though she's the only girl in the group, she holds her own quite easily by being the 5th strongest, and is respected by all, even the members above her. She has a very inviting and warm aura around her because of her mannerisms. She always is the medium in many arguments in the Cado Undecim. She has a habit of saying the word "ner" as an exclamation, or as something to end her sentences.

Abilities Edit

  • Tokaku (Rabbit Horns): This is the name given to Mirage's power of illusions. This ability allows Mirage to create any sort of illusion, which cannot be escaped. The most common form of Tokaku is making the victim imagine that they would face their worst fear. The victim may realize that they are trapped in an illusion, but there is no known record of how to escape from any illusion that Mirage conjures. However, every time Mirage is asked how is is possible to escape her illusions, she laughs uneasily, and quickly tries to change the subject.