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Mizore Kousoku
This is Mizore in her school uniform
Age 15
Height 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight 110 lb
Gender Female
Species Shozoku no Urufu throwback
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation N/A


Mizore Kousoku is a Shozoku no Urufu throwback, with an unknown origin. She is a wielder of a Shadow Blade called Tsuinburiza-do

Appearence Edit

She wears a typical school uniform, even when in the Feudal Japan era. She has long silvery-purple hair, and blue eyes. When she is angered or distressed, her eyes turn a bright snowy color. Despite her physique, she is looked down upon by much of the male student body, often because Mizore insults them in an intelectual way.

Personality Edit

Mizore is very intelligent, but she is incredibly shy. She only has a few friends, but Senka Kururugi is one of her true friends. Mizore also is antagonistic to many of the jocks at her and Senka's school. She is looked upon as annoying just because she can easily express herself in a smarter way than many people. Mizore often comments on how the close-mindedness of some of the jocks, saying that they would only want a "dumb girl" rather than a "smart girl."

Whenever she is around Seireitou, she also uses the term "Grayhairs" or "Grayhairs-kohai".

Powers and Abilities Edit

One of Mizore's early abilities is her strength from her Shozoku no Urufu blood. She also has manipulation over ice and water, often using them as weapons in battle.

Quotes Edit