Nara (奈良市) was a young human who was the lover of the Great Dragon Demon, as well as being Haruda's mother. She was a legendary swordsman who watched as her lover died at the hands of the Great Dog Demon. She went into hiding and her current location is unknown.

Name Nara
Kanji 奈良市
Romanji A Japanese Perfecture
Birthdate May 15th
Gender Female
Age 21 (At Death)
Height 4'5"
Weight 102 lbs.
Blood type A positive
Occupation Sword Trainer; Priestess
Family Great Dragon Demon (Lover), Haruda (Son), Seisatsuyodatsu (Step-Son), Yue Shikyo (Step-Son)
Powers and Gear
Trump Techniques Kenjutsu, Sealing Magic
Weapons Izanami

Appearance Edit

Nara is a tall, young and beautiful woman with long red hair and golden colored eyes. She wears a simple long kimono with illustrous flaming skull designs. Under her eyes she has two black marks shaped like tears. She carries a katana over her shoulder at most times.

Personality Edit

A strong and what one would call a powerful woman, Nara is the only human who the Great Dragon Demon grew fond of any even loved. He saw the light that Nara guided and even showed many Dragons the light that humans gave. She eventually birthed her first of three children and loved all of them. After the battle between the Great Demon Dog and her love, she grew sad and left her former lie. She currently travels the world in search of the Shikon no Tama to ressurect her love.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Swordsman- A skilled swordsman, she was able to keep on par with the Great Dragon Demon when he appeared to her in his humanoid form. She has revealed to have imbedded two Shikon jewel shards within her blade. Her unique sword style is ofted reffered to as Wild Blossom Style, as she has shown to cut hundreds of Cherry blossoms down the middle from tip to bottom.
  • Expert Seal Master- She has shown to be extremly skilled with Sealing techniques, her greatest feat being when she sealed her love's essence into Toumyo. On multiple occasions she has shown to carry hundreds of seal's in her robe as well as having one large tattooed seal placed on her back, between her shoulders. The reason for this seal is unknown.
  • Skilled Priestess- Known for traveling from village to village, abolishing them of demons she has shown to be quite the skilled priestess. She is mostly known for her skill in Exorcism's and can easily dispatch of evil spirits. She has shown to carry a large set of heavy beads called Izanami that let her capture demons to use for short periods of time.
  • Fire Manipulation- After spending years with the dragons, she eventually learned multiple versions of their techniques. While not able to produce or take in fire, she can however manipulate fire. This includes bending fire around her into concentrated blasts or explosions. She can also delfect back fire from other Dragon yokai or fire producing creatures.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name comes from the Japanese perfecture Nara, which is known for its abundance of Deer.
  • Her nickname in battle is Sakura no Mai (Dance of the Cherry Blossoms)