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Nodoka Kumori
Name Nodoka Kumori
Katakana 曇り長閑
Romanji Kumori Nodoka
Birthdate January 10
Age 26
Height 5'11" ft
Weight 191 lbs
Gender Male
Other facts
Name Meaning Calm Shadow
Parents Unknown
Siblings Hinote Shukun

Background Edit

Nodoka Kumori is an old friend of Hikaru's. He is a member of the Shozoku no Urufu, and is the elder of the Burakkuhomura Brothers. He is a mute, but he "speaks" through transmitting his thoughts to someone else. He only "speaks" to his brother Hinote and to Hikaru. Nodoka's true origins are unknown.

Appearence Edit

He wears all black clothing, looking like an assassin in tattered clothes. He carries 2 dark swords with him. He has spiky gray hair and shallow blue eyes.

Personality Edit

On the surface, Nodoka is an emotionless being, only showing emotion when around Hikaru or Hinote. Whenever he has been given a task, he focuses only on that task, and nothing else.