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The great shark demon

the great shark demon or okina same no akuma

The Great shark demon was the father of ryu and nero Karina. He was once the most feared yokai in all of the feudal era. He wielded two swords crafted out of his own fangs the mizu no kiba. which he pasted down to his oldest son ryu. And the Bakuhatsu which he pasted down to his youngest son nero.

Being one of the strongest shark yokai's to ever live he had immense strength and speed.


SUPER-SWIMMING: He could swim faster than the speed of light.

STRENGHT : SUPER HUMAN like strenght.

SPEED: Could faster then the flash step he moves so fast it looks like he's teleporting.

MANY WATER BASED ABILITIES: Just like his son he can create and manipulate and become water.


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