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Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 1 :Kogame out the well, Naru in the well. part 1

"I'm Naru kaishawagi. I am a 14 year old Japanese high school girl. I go to Gekoustoluou high." And my friends are Miyo and Tiko. Were really kawaii desu cute and kinda popular.

At in was 3:30pm and skool waz over. I walked out the classroom rockin my anime n manga and all the guys and gurls were staring at me. "Wow dat Naru chan is really kawaii n cool" a guy said "I know right!" The girl beside him said. "Omg Naru chan! Is that the knew One piece volume! OMG I NEED 2 HAVE IT AND READ IT OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" Naru's best friend Tiko ran up 2 her and yelled.

"Omg I know right! Naru said 2 Tiko. But chill kawaii gurl!" "Hey! Miyo said as she walked up to us. Kagome hasn't been hear n a while. "I know right........but she's kinda mean. Said Naru. "Well we should still visit her." Said Naru. As me and Miyo and Tiko walked out of school. We came 2 Kagome shine.

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