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He is the goat-god of shepards and flocks, the wilds, hunting, and rustic music.

Pan, God of the Wilds
Age Uncountable
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7'11 feet
Gender Male
Species Diety
Partners The Satyrs
Affiliation The Olympians
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Goat-God of the Wilds
Previous Occupation(s) None

Many Satyrs



Appearence Edit

Like many Satyrs, he is made of shadow energy. His fur can be made out from the shadow. He has red piercing eyes and two horns that curve slightly.

He wears a green loincloth, five wooden rings, two on his wrists, two on his ankles, and one around his sides, and a shoulderplate made of wood with long thorns on it.

He carries a pan flute around his neck, and is usually seen playing it.

Personality Edit

He is a clever and crafty god, he rarely appears in the open in a battle. He would rather spend his time with nymphs than bother with fights.

He loves to play his pan flute, and loves to insnare victims to its haunting melody.

He is very sexual, known for chasing nymphs and having sex with them. He is also known to peep on other goddesses when they are bathing, sometimes getting caught and is given a good thrashing.

History Edit

He was born from the union of Hermes and a dryad, Penelope. When Penelope saw the black hairy goat form, she freaked and ran away in fear. Hermes did not mind his son's appearence, laughing at Penelope for being afraid.  

He was known to be very sexual, having intercourse with many nymphs, his greatest conquest was the moon goddess, Selene. He hid himself in sheepskin and seduced her down. He removed it and took her as she came.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shadow Form: He is able to transform into a shadow on the ground, much like Hades.

Multiplying Abilities: He is able to multiply himself twelve times, only one being the real Pan.

Syrinx of Pan: He owns a syrinx that is able to play many songs that have different abilities.

Mezmerizing Notes: He is able to create a few notes that hypnotize a person to him.
Inspiring Notes: He is able to inspire ideas with these notes.
Lust Notes: He is able to create raging lust with these notes.
Panic Notes: He is able to create notes that cause panic to all who hear it.