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Return of the Shikon no Tama follows the story after the Jewel of Four Souls was wished away by Miko and College Student, Kagome Higarashi. As such, the Jewel had left the world of the Demons and has been erased forever. However, about 10 years later, when the Blades of Absolute Creation are awakened once more, the Jewel returns to the world and has shattered once more into millions of shards.

Arcs for this SeriesEdit

Part I: Entering the World of Feudal TimesEdit

  • The Second Hand of Time arc: In Present day Japan, we meet Senka Kururugi, a typical High School student of 16 years old. When she learns about the Feudal era in her history class, she finds herself immersed into a world of demons, monks, and mikos with no way to return home...