Property of SSJGSS4 Raditz Jr.
Rezoku (Name meaning "refridgerator") is a powerful Moth Daiyokai, his power is stronger then that if Hyoga's. Rezoku, like all Daiyokai is calm during battle. He doesn't show fear to any opponents. His loyalty is not in the Hyoga clan, his loyalty is in his team, with Ren and Freeze. (They will be made soon) Rezoku's blade is a normal bade, but it can put a barrier. With the combined powers of his team, his blade can create a technique named "Raze Earth" which creates a shockwave around the 3, also sending the opponents flying, it also sometimes brings lava up from the earth to add from the shockwave. Rezoku's power rivals that of Inuyasha. (In Final Act) Rezoku, unlike other demons does not kill humans. Rezoku will appear in Inuyasha: Old Rivalry.

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