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Age 9 (Past)

15 (Future)

Birthdate July 20th
Gender Female
Species Human
Partners Akira



Affiliation 2rd in command of the Crimson Shadow
Team Crimson Shadow
Previous Team None
Occupation Mercenary

Unnamed Dad

Unnamed Mother

Shin (Older Brother)

Sakura (Older Sister)

Akira (Twin sister)





Her awakening

Ringo has long snow white hair with two side plaits with chain pieces at the ends, and ice blue eyes. Her outfit usually consists of pink and white color combinations. She wears a knee-length, white kimono with bright pink flowers on it.

When Ringo was younger she wore a longer kimono. Her hair is styled the same way but without the chain pieces at the ends.


Ringo is a lot like her sister Akira, but a lot like her brother Shin. Her emotions also tend to change not as much as Akira's, She is more quiet and gentle like her brother, but when she was young she was wild. Never caring for anything except her family.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Hīringuhime (Healing Princess) is Akira's fourth and last sword is a wakizashi, and a light blue hilt. If this sword was touched by a demon or a human that wasn't in her family would get poisoned. Akira gave this sword to her sister, Ringo. This sword has been through 6 generations on her family.

  • Unnamed: This sword disappears into the person's body that is being healed then reappears beside them.
  • Unnamed: In battle she would use the chain at the end of the hilt to wrap it round her opponents and strangle them.


Serenity does not appear yet, but will in the fanfiction of 'Dark Paths which is being edited. (Dead link)

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