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The Royal Guard (宮廷, kyūtei; lit. "Royal Court") is a group of nine yokai, created by Shokujin Tenchikaimei to further his goals, guard him and guard his kingdom in the Sea of Japan. They were all made from portions of Shokujin's yoki, and are ranked from one to nine with one being the weakest and nine being the strongest.

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Shokujin has lightly commented on the possible goal of this group in a conversation with Echo. He hints that the group's goals may be to find and recruit yokai as well as find strong opposition for Shokujin, though the reason for this has not yet been named or stated.[1]

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Imperial Regalia

Two examples of Imperial Regalia swords.

Each member of the Royal Guard is armed with a sword which are collectively known as the Imperial Regalia (三種の神器, Sanshu no Jingi). They too were created when Shokujin divided his yoki to create the guard, and as such, they pass down some of Shokujin's abilities to their wielder. Should one of the Royal Guard die, that member's sword will disintegrate, leaving nothing behind. They all have the same appearance; appearing as double-edged katana with a guard in the shape of two folded dragon's wings, with a oval-shaped ruby-like gem at it's center.

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  • Perhaps as a side effect of being birthed from Shokujin's yoki, all nine members of the Royal Guard have the exact same height and weight as their master, as well as all appearing around the age of twenty-one.
  • The Royal Guard's Imperial Regalia swords are named after the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

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