[[File:Ryouichi (Hanyo) 5|265px]]
Ryouichi as a hanyou
Age Looks: 18
Actual: Around 350
Birthdate Mid-fall
Height 5'10"
Weight 165
Gender Male
Species Reality: Inu Hanyo
Considered: Jedi Inu Yokai Hybrid
Partners Yuki
Affiliation Taisho Family
Team Good Guys
Occupation Demonic Lord

Father: Inu-No-Taisho
Mother: Unknown
Step-Mother: Inu Kimi
Twin Sister: Sakura Rizzo
Half Sister: Chiasa
Half Brothers: Sesshomaru & Inuyasha
Step-father: Daichi
Mate Yuki



 Ryouichi is the son of an unknown Jedi from the Old Jedi Order and Inu-No-Taisho. Born in Feudal Japan on a full moon in mid fall a few days after Jidai Festival making him look like a human and only returning to a Hanyo confirming the beliefs of Inu-No-Taishi and Inu Kimi along but with the disapperance of his mother they are confused. All what is known is an agreement between the Jedi and the the Demons is to help grow the Jedi Demons numbers not knowing they were introduced and not dying out and to give them a female but being a twin of the said female he was born into the lap of luxary. Inu-No-Taisho gave him the name of Ryouichi for the belevelent nature of the Jedi Demon heritage. After a few years they seek to help Sakura learn her Jedi Demon heritage seperating Ryouichi and Sakura since he was learing better in Feudal Japan. He is the middle and one of 3 sons in the Taisho family bridging the gap between her older brother Sesshomaru and younger brother Inuyasha.


Vanishing of a parentEdit

Life at the castleEdit

Seperating from a sisterEdit

The FireEdit


Jedi TrainingEdit

Demonic TrainingEdit

The SearchEdit

Helping a SisterEdit

Finding a MateEdit

Sister's Return to Feudal JapanEdit

Final SearchEdit

New ThreatEdit



Powers & AbilitiesEdit





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