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Sota Higuraishi
Vital statistics
Title The Savior
Gender Male
Race Half-Demon
Faction The Baksaiga Resistance Movement
Health Excelent
Level 8
Status Alive
Location Kyoto

"Make no mistake you son of a bitch I'll kill you and avenge my sister's death you hear me Magatsuki! Your life is mine!"
— Sota declaring war on his enemy Magatsuki...


Sota's step father died in a car accident when Kagome was very young and Sōta had yet to have been born. They moved into the shrine before Sōta was born, and he never had a chance to know his father. He grew up with his sister, grandfather, mother, and cat as a family.

Throughout the series, he often watched his sister and Inuyasha argue with each other. When Noh Mask chased Kagome with Shikon Shards, she orders Sōta to go to the wellhouse into the feudal era but didn't work for him because the Shikon Jewel had connections with the Bone-Eater's Well. Inuyasha comes and takes Sōta to find and save Kagome from Noh Mask.

When Bone-eater well was vanished which unknown fate of Kagome in the darkness left Sota,Grandpa and his mother worried and begged Inuyasha to save Kagome's life.

Three years later, after Kagome had permanently moved to the feudal era, Sōta was shown walking home from school with a group of his friends. He was in junior high, and he explained to his curious friends that his sister wasn't around a lot because she was married right after high school.

It was years later when he learned that his mother had an affair with a demon that resulted in his birth. Upon the awakening of his demonic powers he began to inquire as to the fate of his sister only to learn that Magatsuhi had returned and killed her, inuyasha and their friends.

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