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Sadow Yatsumaru
[[File:IF Sadow|265px]]
Sadow Yatsumaru
Age Unknown
Height 6'17"
Weight 140 lbs
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Affiliation Unspecified, presumably himself
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team n/a


Background Edit

Sadow's past is clouded in mystery, although it can be noted that he spent a long period of his life chained to a crystal tree. The chain was forged of some spirit material, thus being unbreakable. Sadow eventually was driven insane due to the lack of company, food, or entertainment. Eventually, he sold his soul to an unknown entity and was not only granted freedom but also unfathomed power. In order for him to keep his freedom, he must use his power to harvest souls.

Personality Edit

He is extremely unstable, calm one second and completely violent the next. This makes him a questionable character to have around others. He seems to have a split-personality, one side of him being quiet, shy, kind, and gentle. The other, however, is sadistic, manevolent, narcissistic, and brash. The kind side seems to be a complete opposite of the sadistic one; The kind having white hair and blue eyes whilst the other having black hair and red eyes, wearing a preacher's tunic and cross necklace while the other wears a black leather suit with studs covering it, covers his fangs with tape over his mouth while the other doesn't.

Abilities Edit

"Light" Sadow opts to use a handgun filled with blessed, silver bullets that tend to kill most standard Demons. When this doesn't work, he can bite the target and be zapped into their mind, able to cause illusions and hallucinations which can eventually result in madness.

"Dark" Sadow is extremely different when related to power. He has all of the powers granted to him by the unknown entity, and uses them with extreme brutality.

Instant Regeneration: He can regrow lost limbs and blood easily, although this leaves him open to attack as he must concentrate to do so.

Metamorphosis: He can also morph his body into different shapes and forms. When it comes to morphing into other people, he would have to have either consumed their soul or entered their mindwork to do so. Otherwise, he can morph his body into weapons as well (i.e. transforming his arm into a blade, axe, machine gun, whip-claw, or hammers.) These also reveal his True Forms flesh, which is extremely resilient.
Dark Sadow

Sadow in his Dark form

True Form Edit

He tends to never use this in combat, as his Instant Regeneration is canceled in this form and he is thus killable. When he does resort to, however, he does so quickly so that he can dispatch a touch opponent. His body will become granite-coloured and resilient. Although, a well-aimed attack at the horns on his head can dissipate the resilient flesh and leave a severe opening that Sadow cannot recover from for days if he survives.