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{{Infobox/Thantosiet's Characters
|name = Sarasa
|age = 18
|image = [[File:Sarasa_1.png|thumb]]
|height = 5'1" (Human form)
|weight = 180 lbs (Human form)
|gender = Female
|species = Bakeneko
|partner = [[Jurou]]|homeworld = Earth
|home country = Japan
|hometown = Mito|english = Sarasa
|kanji = 更紗
|romaji = ''Sarasa''
|other = '''Calico'''}}'''Sarasa''' (更紗, ''Sarasa'') is a bakeneko, a feline type of Yōkai.
In cat form, Sarasa is a calico cat, with gingery fur on her back covered in black stripelike blotches, and a white underbelly. Her eyes are wide and yellow-green whatever shape she chooses to take. As a human she takes the form of a slender woman with waist-length black hair.
Sarasa is quick-witted and quick-tempered, with a tendency towards violence and vengeance. She is also fiercely loyal and will restrain herself if asked to by someone she trusts.
Sarasa was originally an ordinary, nameless stray cat living in Mito. After a run-in with some boys left her injured, she was found and treated by a teenage beggar and theif named [[Jurou]], who named her Sarasa, or “calico,” after her coat. They started helping each other, sharing whatever food or shelter they could find. start over.
==Powers & Abilities==
*'''Transformation '''- Sarasa can transform from her natural cat form into a human one--a young woman.
*'''Flying '''- Sarasa can fly, usually in human form, but it is extremely tiring for her.

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